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About CWF

A Look into the History of Madhya Pradesh Christian Writers’ Forum

When the Catholic Hindi Literature Committee asked its members to form a Christian Writers’ Union, Mr. Francis Joseph was inspired to form an Inter Denominational Christian Writers’ Association in Madhya Pradesh. The idea took concrete shape on January 8, 1997 after a meeting in the Conference Hall of St Peter and Paul Cathedral, Jabalpur. The founding members were:

Dr. Vidya Rashmi, the editor of “Sankalp” (Internos), Mr. Francis Joseph “Nirmal”, Miss Amelia Nazareth, Miss Pratibha Das, Fr. Marshal Ekka, and Dr. B. Sachidanand. The objective of the Christian Writers’ Forum is to propagate Christian values, to train writers so that the creation of literary work may continue ceaselessly, and keeping in view the present situation to nourish love and fellowship among followers of different religions.

Fr. Marshal Ekka and Mr. Francis Joseph were unanimously elected president and coordinator respectively of the CWF. Thereafter regular monthly meetings were held. Simultaneously contributors like Dr. J. H. Anand, Rev. Arthur John, Mrs Warn, Rev. Anurag Deepak Yogi, Dr.

D. R. Kripa, N. B. Gustav, Dr. Ehsan Masih, Dr. Vidya Rashmi, Dr. Sachidanad, Reggie David and Late 0. J. Wilson ignited the Christian community of Jabalpur with their inspiring messages. Since November1995 Mr. Francis Joseph has been acting as the reporter of the Christian community for two prestigious diaries of Madhya Pradesh namely, Nav Bharat and Dainik Bhaskar, and is also actively involved with the activities of North India Catholic Hindi Literature Committee.

Registration of Christian Writers’ Forum
Registration of Christian Writers’ Forum was completed on August 16, 2001 with the Sub Registrar, Firms and Society of Jabalpur, M. P. Government. To facilitate greater efficiency and prompt action the office was provided with telephone service.

Media activities
Media activities got a fresh impetus since 1997 as the members of CWF started contributing special feature articles, stories and poems during Christmas and Easter in local newspapers. In addition remarkable success has been achieved as reports of different events and happenings in the Christian community are being published through the efforts of the Secretary of CWF. Special efforts have been made to get Christmas specials published every year.

Bhopal Branch of CWF
Bhopal Branch of CWF was opened at P. R. 0. Office, Seva Sadan, Bhopal. Branches of the CWF are already functioning at Reeva, Damoh, Sagar, Raipur and Shahdol.



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